An Exploration of Waterford Crystal

Crystal glasses

One of the most luxurious gifts you can give is the gift of fine crystal. This isn’t a new tradition. For at least 100 years, brides have registered for china, crystal, and sterling silver services, making crystal a popular wedding shower gift. Vases, flower bowls, candy dishes, and chandeliers can also be made from crystal. Waterford, a company with roots in Ireland, is well-known for its exquisite pieces and a popular choice for gifts of finer quality. Read more here to learn about Waterford and its rich background.

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Custom Crystal Awards: A Classic Way to Appreciate Employees


If you’ve been wanting to come up with a special way to honor and show your appreciation for all the wonderful things your employees do for the company every day, personalized plaques or a custom crystal trophy are just the thing. Your employees will love receiving custom crystal awards. Crystal will make them look beautiful and valuable, while your custom message printed on it will make the recipient feel extra honored and special.
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Reasons Why Stemless Glasses Are Safe for Toasting


Stemless wine glasses were trendsetters from the moment they hit the market. Defying centuries of tradition, they upended traditional notions of how you smell, hold, swirl, and taste wine. Wine aficionados were, at best, perplexed, at worst, appalled. One question, however, that those who celebrated the new wine glasses and those who were unsure all had was how on earth do you toast with them?
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The Trend of Crystal Trophies

Crystal trophy

Crystal jewelry and accessories have been around for years, and there’s a reason for that. Crystal is elegant, beautiful, and it gives off an air of sophistication. Understandably, when people want to brag about accomplishments and present people with trophies or awards, crystal is one of the most obvious materials to be used. When it comes to corporate awards, it’s a perfect match. A crystal trophy delivers everything you desire.
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How Engraving Has Revolutionized the Art Industry

Crystal trophy

The art industry is constantly innovating and evolving. That’s true both in terms of style and design, as well as materials. Although Pablo Picasso made mixed media famous in the early 20th century, it didn’t become more consumer-friendly until the 1950s. Sometimes, it takes a while for the breakthroughs and revolutions in the world of art to make their way into everyday homes and into popular culture.
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Five Amazing Facts about Crystal


If you grew up in a home where your mother kept her crystal and china protected behind the doors of a china hutch or breakfront, you know the value of crystal. If you were like many children, you waited until your mother was busy to sneak a look at the forbidden crystal. You might have even picked up a delicate piece of stemware or a crystal candy dish. Read more here for five amazing facts you never knew about crystal.

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Lifestyle video featuring Cashs Ireland Cooper Single Malt Crystal Glasses and Decanter

Amazing new video by Cashs Ireland featuring intertwined modern world with that of the crystal craftsmen of Ireland creating timeless crystal barware, single malt crystal whiskey glasses and crystal whiskey decanter.

Success comes together at the end of the day, when the modern world comes to stop and to enjoy the product of centuries old craft, Cashs Crystal, timeless for it’s beauty and elegance.