10 Creative Ways to Dress up with Crystal Ornaments

A crystal ornament lends a special note to any holiday display. Placed selectively, they can add to a display or even reinvent it. Here are several ways you can use crystal ornaments to enhance, renew, or even reinvent your holiday displays.

With Wreaths and Garlands

A well-appointed wreath can set the tone for an entire home and several even more so. Add to it the elegance of a Swarovski ornament and it becomes somehow even more striking.

The same goes for your garlands. Adding crystal ornaments to a banister garland, for example, gives the garland an entirely different feel that sets a festive tone and creates an eye-catching display.

As a Balancer

Crystal ornaments also can complement a design while adding balance. Glass ornaments, for example, add a glittery feature to just about anything they are hung on and bring light to the deep, rich colors of the holidays. Nestled among tree boughs, a wreath or garland and your display will sparkle as if it just was dusted with holiday snow.

A Pendant

Place a crystal ornament in the hollow of a wreath and you completely change the meaning and message of the wreath. The warm, welcoming reflective light from the pendant can captivate on its own, but also can make a room shimmery, adding a new dimension to the traditional holiday display. Group a few ornaments together and you can create the effect of the room being bathed in light with a lightness that resembles floating.


Swarovski pendants and ornaments are works of art in and of themselves. Frame them in an empty wall space and create a three-dimensional, ornament display that will stir conversations. This instant art can be the ornaments by themselves or added with other ornaments to create a holiday montage.

Anyone can hang a crystal ornament on a tree, but when you add several to a tree, it completely alters the mood the tree sets. Add them to other holiday displays and the same effect happens, recreating your holiday environment from your wreaths to your mantles and stairways.