Innovative Ways to Use Crystal for Wedding Souvenirs

Crystal gifts and souvenirs are perfect for those who are looking for personalized and unique ideas for wedding tokens. There are plenty of ways to use them and incorporate them into your gifts. Give them to your guests as a way of saying thanks and help them remember your special day as years pass. Here are innovative ways to use crystals for your wedding souvenirs.

Crystal Jewelry

Pendants, statement rings, and other wearable crystal pieces of jewelry are the best souvenirs to give to your bridesmaids and female guests. They are unique, romantic, and are something that each of them would love to own.

Useful Household Gifts and Accessories

Most wedding gifts typically end up nowhere, and people lose them merely because they are not functional. Napkin ring sets, curtain rings, crystal trophy, and embellished coasters are examples of gifts that your guests will surely appreciate and can use even years after the wedding. Just think of a household item that you want to receive, and you can surely glam it up with crystals.

Picture Frames

You can also use crystals to adorn picture frames, and then gift them with their photos at your wedding. Wedding pictures never get old because they are classic and romantic at the same time. This item is one gift that your guests will find thoughtful and personal because who else gives wedding pictures these days?

Cellphone Charms

You can also get custom crystal charms to give to your guests. They can use these charms to beautify their gadgets. Crystals are powerful items that can also help them attract success, happiness, love, and luck. You can pick a unique crystal charm to give to a person or let them choose their own from a selection of trinkets.

Carved Crystal Ornaments

Another thoughtful crystal gift that never gets old is a crystal Christmas tree ornament. You can have one customized to commemorate your special day to give to your guests. They will be glad about receiving high-quality crystal souvenirs that they can use over and over.

These are some of the ways to use crystal for your wedding gift ideas. Remember, you must plan and give much thought to your wedding souvenirs to show your guests how grateful you are to them for attending your event despite their busy schedules.