Choosing the Right Waterford Crystal Glasses for a Corporate Event

A corporate event is a chance for employees, executives, and even important clients to spend time together outside of the pressure of the day-to-day office environment. Creating an ambiance requires carefully choosing the right decorations, place settings, music, lighting, and venue. One of the central components of your corporate dinner event is what type of crystal and dinnerware you select. We have a variety of glasses you can select for your event from top brand Waterford Crystal. The following details can help you make the right selection.

Crystal whiskey glass

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The 8 Best Whiskey Glasses for Your Home Bar

As you mature, your food and drink preferences will mature along with you. Flavorless but head-swimmingly strong alcohols will be replaced by finer liquors, like single malt scotch and small batch bourbon. These liquors are fine investments that deserve more than the disposable cups or branded plasticware of your youth. Crystal whiskey glasses are instruments as fine as the refreshing liquid gold that they are crafted to carry. What types of whiskey glasses are must-haves for your home bar? Whether you have a full 1920s-inspired wet bar, a 1950s-inspired bar cart, or the modern alternative—a series of Middle Eastern-inspired wooden trays on a wide, flat cocktail table—you need the right serving glass to accompany your libations, whether for yourself on a night alone or with good company. These are the top 8 glasses you should purchase to stock the perfect home bar.

Whiskey glasses

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