The 8 Best Whiskey Glasses for Your Home Bar

As you mature, your food and drink preferences will mature along with you. Flavorless but head-swimmingly strong alcohols will be replaced by finer liquors, like single malt scotch and small batch bourbon. These liquors are fine investments that deserve more than the disposable cups or branded plasticware of your youth. Crystal whiskey glasses are instruments as fine as the refreshing liquid gold that they are crafted to carry. What types of whiskey glasses are must-haves for your home bar? Whether you have a full 1920s-inspired wet bar, a 1950s-inspired bar cart, or the modern alternative—a series of Middle Eastern-inspired wooden trays on a wide, flat cocktail table—you need the right serving glass to accompany your libations, whether for yourself on a night alone or with good company. These are the top 8 glasses you should purchase to stock the perfect home bar.

Whiskey glasses

  • Schott Zwiesel Paris Old Fashioned Glass – Perfect for savoring high-quality whiskey cocktails, including the old fashioned, a classic favorite.
  • Waterford Lismore Flared Sipping Whiskey Tumbler – With an elegant curvature, these glasses create the perfect sip so you can taste the intricacies in every drop.
  • Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whiskey Glass – Their name tells you the only whiskey that deserves a spot in these elegant, flute-like glasses.
  • Schott Zwiesel Brian Pure Whiskey Glass – With near-indestructible glass construction, these glasses are perfect for swirling and savoring the aromas of fine whiskey.
  • Waterford Lismore 12 oz. Double Old Fashioned (DOF) Glass – The perfect glass for double servings of fine whiskey, with elegant designs that enable perfect grip. They pair well with the Waterford Lismore whiskey decanter, too.
  • Rogaska 1665 Manhattan DOF Glass – A classic design of the perfect weight for a touch of elegance while you savor fine liquors.
  • Orrefors Sofiero Old Fashioned Glass – Simplicity, restraint, and refinement are the characters you will take on as you enjoy whiskey in this well-crafted, beautiful glass.
  • Waterford Elegance Single Malt Glass – These are among the finest whiskey glasses because of their smartly crafted curvature, which enhance the finest flavors, aromas, and textures of whiskey.

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