Choosing the Right Scotch Glass for a Cocktail Party

If you are hosting a cocktail party, you need to have the right materials to satisfy your guests, including great table settings and comfortable seating. However, your most important task is to find the right glasses for serving distinct drinks. Cocktail parties are all about conversation over great alcoholic beverages, after all, so everyone should be able to enjoy their choice drink to their fullest. Scotch, in particular, requires its very own glass, one that is suited to the nature of the alcohol itself. While you can certainly serve cocktails in virtually any glass—though finding the proper instrument is ideal—Scotch lovers will not accept anything less than the most appropriate Waterford Scotch glasses to enjoy this fine-crafted whiskey. Here are some tips to find the right glass for your upcoming cocktail party.

Scotch glass

  • The Importance of Glasses: Glasses are about more than simply holding your beverage in a spill-proof, drip-proof container. Sodas and water can be served in any type of tall glass, but Scotch deserves its own shape of glass, and in order to enjoy its complex flavor to the fullest, you need the right Waterford whiskey glasses, ones that are shaped specifically for this type of spirit.
  • The Right Materials: Scotch glasses should not be made of anything other than glass or crystal. Serving Scotch in a paper cup, plastic cup, or ceramic tumbler is practically a sin! Glass and crystal keep the Scotch at the ideal temperature and have an appropriately classy appearance. Waterford tumblers have the right grip carved in so you can hold and set down your glass without trouble.
  • The old fashioned glass: The old fashioned glass is a straight-sided tumbler that is short enough to enjoy a few inches of whiskey. This is ideal for serving Scotch on the rocks because its shape handles ice well and has a wide rim through which you can savor the aroma while you sip.
  • The rounded tumbler: Similar to the old fashioned glass, but with a rounded bottom, this glass allows you to swirl a Scotch neat and sip it slowly to enjoy its aromas, flavor, and finish. Waterford Scotch glasses, in particular, are crafted specially for the optimal enjoyment of such a complex beverage. Find a Waterford rounded tumbler and your guests will appreciate what you serve to the fullest.

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