Tips to Handle the Haze on Crystal Glasses

Your high-quality crystal is made using lead oxide. This material is part of what makes it the fine crystal it is when it comes to the brilliance and clarity. However, your crystal wine glasses, beer glasses, and whiskey glasses can start to look dull due to haze. The good news is that you don’t have to ditch your favorite glasses because of this haze. As long as your glasses are not damaged permanently, you can clean your crystal and keep it haze-free using the proper washing technique.

Detergent or Hard Water

You may notice a haze-like film on your crystal. Not rinsing your crystal off enough when using soap can cause either a complete haze or white water spots as it hardens on the surface. Hard water can be rough on your glasses because of the minerals in it, such as lime, that builds up on the surface of the crystal. This effect creates that milky white haze that can make your crystal look dirty.

Removing Haze

You can remove the haze from your crystal when it is made from these less-permanent sources. You’ll want to gently wash your wine glasses or other crystal in warm water with a mild soap. Use a soft cloth or sponge to help prevent scratches. In cases where the mild dish soap doesn’t do the trick, use vinegar or lime remover to clean the haze. You may have to soak it for a short time before lightly scrubbing it. Be sure to dry your crystal beer glasses or other crystal completely after washing to prevent film buildup.

Permanent Damage

You may find that the haze has become etched into the crystal which is unable to be cleaned. This effect usually happens when there are soft water and alkaline dish detergents used together to clean the crystal. This type of damage can’t be fixed.

Don’t get rid of those hazed up whiskey glasses just yet. These tips can help you to keep your quality glasses clear as crystal now and into the future. It may take a little longer to keep them clean, but it’s well worth the effort.