Unique Waterford Crystal Objects to Collect

Collections often “just happen” because a person has a special fondness for something. Some collections start with a gift, others are the result of a passion for a certain item, while still others grow because you discover the fun of looking for and finding special items.

Some people collect things from their childhood like die cast cars or dolls. People collect vinyl music albums, CDs, baseball cards, comic books–almost anything you can think of. Since you can collect anything, why not collect items that may grow in value over time, like items crafted from Waterford crystal?

The Test of Time

Waterford Crystal began in the 1780’s with a vision to create the finest quality crystal for drinking vessels and objects of beauty. In spite of problems, including a period of almost 100 years after World War II when there was no production, the brand remains at the forefront of crystal design and production.

You can choose from many beautiful and unique items. You might choose a Waterford crystal bowl or glassware, crystal Christmas ornaments, crystal vases and candlesticks, crystal dolphins, angels, or a beautiful Waterford crystal cross. Regardless of your choice, you can be assured you’ll have an item that has been individually and painstakingly hand cut just as it was 200 years ago. It will be an item of beauty that will stand the test of time.

The Craft of Crystal

The ancient craft of making wooden molds for hand-blown crystal is still used today in the production process at the House of Waterford. Before cutting, a machine creates a temporary geometric grid on each piece in preparation for the intricate designs that will make the piece distinctively Waterford. Using a diamond-tipped wheel, master cutters painstakingly cut full lead crystal to specifications. The procedure requires great skill and dexterity.

One piece to consider for a collection is the beautiful seahorse candlestick. The Waterford city Coat of Arms included a sea creature that looked like a seahorse. The company felt the seahorse was distinctive, unique (the male of the species is the carrier during reproduction) and an appropriate artistic symbol, so the seahorse became the official trademark of Waterford Crystal.

Collecting Waterford crystal can provide personal pleasure, pride, and satisfaction. Plus, it can be very rewarding as you see the value of your collection increase. Check out crystalclassics.com to see what you can add.