8 Unique Waterford Crystal Patterns for Your Home

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Crystal glasses are essential for any home bar. The adult alternative to plastic cups or inexpensive glass, crystal has a refined reflectivity and design potential that elevates every event you host at home. When you invest in Waterford crystal, the finest crystal chalices, for the first time, you may wonder how to begin shopping. Start with this guide to 8 unique patterns for your home.
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An Exploration of Waterford Crystal

Crystal glasses

One of the most luxurious gifts you can give is the gift of fine crystal. This isn’t a new tradition. For at least 100 years, brides have registered for china, crystal, and sterling silver services, making crystal a popular wedding shower gift. Vases, flower bowls, candy dishes, and chandeliers can also be made from crystal. Waterford, a company with roots in Ireland, is well-known for its exquisite pieces and a popular choice for gifts of finer quality. Read more here to learn about Waterford and its rich background.

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