5 Swarovski Crystal Figurines to Surprise Your Child

Since 1895, the Swarovski name has been synonymous with crystal craftsmanship, elegance, and beauty. David Swarovski, an expert in glass cutting, invented an automatic machine for cutting crystal at the end of the 19th century. Soon after, he opened his own company, designing and producing crystal jewelry, Christmas ornaments and decorations, crystal decanters, and other crystal gifts. For generations, the Swarovski crystal figurines have been a popular collectible, particularly as gifts from parents to their children. The company offers a variety of crystal figurines featuring animals, beloved movie characters, the fantasy world, and religious symbols that children and teens love.

Star Wars

Some of the most highly prized collectibles in the world are Star Wars characters. Just about everyone identifies with Star Wars, and several Swarovski figurines are available featuring these much-loved characters. If there’s a Star Wars fan in your life, consider the highly detailed, black crystal, Darth Vader sculpture complete with a light saber. But if you are seeking something a little less Empirical and a bit more heroic, choose the Yoda, C-3PO, or R2D2 figurines.

Disney Characters

There are few children or adults who don’t recognize a majority of the Disney characters, and Swarovski offers a large selection of well-known crystal figurine characters from the Disney movies. A highly detailed Winnie the Pooh, who is happily watching a butterfly perched on the end of his nose, is the perfect gift for any fan of the Hundred Acre Wood gang. Or, for Disney princess enthusiasts, Swarovski created a limited 2019 edition Snow White crystal figurine. To keep her company, two of her favorite dwarf companions, Dopey and Grumpy, are also available.

Mother Nature Favorites

Most children have a favorite animal, and there is a large selection of both clear crystal and brightly colored Swarovski figurines available that represent the natural world. From the Swarovski Rare Encounters collection, the Panda Mother with Baby would be a special gift from a parent to symbolize the special bond between mother and child. From the Puppy and Kittens Collection, consider a specific breed that represents a child’s favorite pet. Choose from a Bernie the St. Bernard, Bruno the French Bulldog, or from a selection of other breeds or kittens available.

Crystal dog

Universal Symbols

There are recognizable symbols within every culture, and Swarovski celebrates them through detailed, expertly cut crystal. The Brilliant Heart is made of a single piece of crystal, resulting in exceptional faceting and brilliance. The Star of David, crafted in clear crystal, has 58 facets, making it a memorable, treasured keepsake. The Crystal Cross sculpture is a symbolic gift for older children that will be cherished for years to come.

Aquatic Worlds

The oceans are full of wonder and vividly colored sea life. Celebrate your child’s fascination with the sea through a crystal Paradise Rainbow Fish Family figurine. This sculpture is crafted in clear crystal using bright gem colors that replicate those found in the ocean. The five-member family sits atop a crystal coral stand. Frog lovers will also enjoy the Paradise frogs, created in vibrant green and clear crystal.

Helping a child start a collection is rewarding for both parents and children. Swarovski crystal is highly collectible and versatile, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. Choose a crystal trophy or crystal jewelry to commemorate a special day or achievement, or start a tradition by adding a new crystal figurine for your child’s collection on birthdays or holidays. Talk to the experts at Crystal Art Imports, Inc. to learn more!