Choosing the Right Waterford Crystal Glasses for a Corporate Event

A corporate event is a chance for employees, executives, and even important clients to spend time together outside of the pressure of the day-to-day office environment. Creating an ambiance requires carefully choosing the right decorations, place settings, music, lighting, and venue. One of the central components of your corporate dinner event is what type of crystal and dinnerware you select. We have a variety of glasses you can select for your event from top brand Waterford Crystal. The following details can help you make the right selection.

Crystal whiskey glass

Wine Glass Selection

For every type of wine you could think of serving—from merlot to Pinot grigio—you’ll find special Waterford wine glass options. Your place settings might benefit from stemless if you have complicated decorations that could make maneuvering larger glasses problematic. If you prefer the classic and sleek, our selection of various shapes of white and red wine glasses with stems will provide a unique panache to your sophisticated corporate dinner.

After-Dinner Drink Glasses

Who doesn’t enjoy a great glass of whiskey or scotch after a dinner party? Several choices in the Waterford scotch glasses catalog are molded with the Celtic ring pattern, which provides extra texture for an easy grip and exceptional visual aesthetics.
Waterford whiskey glasses are perfect for a smooth and sophisticated single malt. Because the glasses are weighted at the bottom and molded with a detailed crossed pattern, your corporate guests will rightly feel they are drinking in elegance.

What Makes Waterford Crystal Exceptional

The city of Waterford was invaded by the Vikings because it had a strategic location on the ocean and served as a major exporter of goods. Our company takes pride in its name and history, having provided exceptional products for export all over the world for decades. When you choose Waterford crystal to impress and entertain your corporate guests, you will be creating an event that your employees and clients will remember for years to come.

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