Custom Crystal Awards: A Classic Way to Appreciate Employees

If you’ve been wanting to come up with a special way to honor and show your appreciation for all the wonderful things your employees do for the company every day, personalized plaques or a custom crystal trophy are just the thing. Your employees will love receiving custom crystal awards. Crystal will make them look beautiful and valuable, while your custom message printed on it will make the recipient feel extra honored and special.

Consider a Desk Plaque for Visibility

Trophies don’t have to be sitting in a display case gathering dust. Desk plaques are a classy way to present an award to an employee and will serve as a great reminder for how much they’re appreciated when they come to work every day and see it.

Inscribe the Year and Date

Remember that when you’re honoring employees with awards on an annual basis that you’ll want to have the year and date if relevant engraved into the award. Giving employees crystal awards for a certain number of years of service, for instance, can be a great way to show them that you appreciate all that they’ve done to help the company along.

Add an Extra Personal Touch

To add an extra personal touch to your already custom and personalized award, consider adding your signature or a brief note of thanks to the employee right on the plaque or trophy itself. This will be extra touching to the recipient, who will know every time they see it that it was custom created with them in mind rather than just produced as a generic award at the last minute.

Custom crystal awards are a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate them, and there are many opportunities to award them to your personnel. Whether you award them with a special trophy for employees of the month or the year, or whether you hold a special dinner for all of your employees and give out several crystal awards for different customized honors, your employees will feel appreciated and validated and more willing and happy to come to work each day.