How Engraving Has Revolutionized the Art Industry

The art industry is constantly innovating and evolving. That’s true both in terms of style and design, as well as materials. Although Pablo Picasso made mixed media famous in the early 20th century, it didn’t become more consumer-friendly until the 1950s. Sometimes, it takes a while for the breakthroughs and revolutions in the world of art to make their way into everyday homes and into popular culture.

Engraving has been around for thousands of years, but modern machinery has made it cheaper, easier, faster, and more affordable. These days, it’s almost assumed that personalized gifts and awards will have a name or date to help commemorate a special occasion. Engraving has completely transformed what people have come to assume about artistry, especially in the commercial industry.


In the early days, engraving was done on bone or stone. People simply used what they had available. These days, crystal and glass are a bit more common. They make beautiful gifts and tend to be reasonably priced, so you don’t have to break the bank to get something that looks amazing.

Engraving turns a lovely keepsake into a timeless memento, so that you can celebrate and remember any of life’s milestones. With today’s tools, engraving can also be done quite quickly, so you won’t have to wait around forever for your gift. Whether you’re on a tight schedule, limited budget, or both, engraved crystal or glass make for wonderful gift ideas.


Businesses want to save money. That’s understandable and to be expected, but people still desire awards that look high end. After all, nobody wants to put an award on their mantle that looks cheap. Crystal tends to satisfy both demands. Naturally, that means engraved crystal awards have become the accepted standard among guilds, professional agencies, and companies.

One of its main benefits is that engraved crystal can take on many forms, so virtually any mascot or logo can be duplicated on crystal. That makes it adaptable for virtually any need. It also doesn’t look as cheap as plastic or wood. There are plenty of crystal awards that are competitively priced and look gorgeous. It’s difficult to find anyone that takes issue with crystal as the preferred material of choice.