The Trend of Crystal Trophies

Crystal jewelry and accessories have been around for years, and there’s a reason for that. Crystal is elegant, beautiful, and it gives off an air of sophistication. Understandably, when people want to brag about accomplishments and present people with trophies or awards, crystal is one of the most obvious materials to be used. When it comes to corporate awards, it’s a perfect match. A crystal trophy delivers everything you desire.


Even though you want to stay within budget, you never want to look cheap. A plastic trophy might be fine for a kid’s baseball team or for a pie-eating contest, but it’s simply not going to be acceptable in a corporate environment. It’s not like you’d ever consider presenting your vice president with a plastic award.

The quality of crystal is obviously one of its biggest selling points. Crystal glassware has long been associated with exquisite taste, a refined sensibility, and wealth. The crystal wine or whiskey glasses usually aren’t taken out except for special occasions, so there’s already a sense of importance placed on crystal awards before anything is said. That’s an excellent impression to make.


Yes, crystal generally looks rather pricey, but that doesn’t mean it always is. There are a number of crystal gifts and awards that are quite reasonably priced. Competitive pricing is one of the major reasons that crystal is so beloved. Almost any expense account can find room for crystal. Yet, crystal often looks like it should cost two or three times its actual price tag.

If you make a deal with a company, you could receive discounts. There are plenty of long-standing companies with excellent reputations in the business of making awards, trophies, and gifts. They can even do the engraving for you, so they can be personalized with minimal added expense. Using a one-stop shop is a great way to save money.


When you brag about your award, you want it to look nice. If the recognition is enviable, it only makes sense that you would want the award itself to match. Fortunately, crystal gifts can take on nearly any form that you can imagine. That makes them amazing choices for corporate awards, since they match any brand or logo.