Amazing Facts about Crystal Jewelry

Crystals have been a part of many people’s art and culture. You can find them in clothes, home accessories, furniture, electronic items, and a lot more. However, people use them mostly to create crystal Jewelry, not only for their beautiful patterns and forms but also for their spiritual health effects and healing benefits. Read on to find out more about crystals.

Crystal Composition

A piece of crystal glitters because of its unique mineral composition as well as its well-organized molecular structure that forms something like a mesh that forms flat surfaces and sharp angles. Lead oxide or lead glass is the primary substance that causes it to shine, and the more of this element a crystal has, the shinier it will be. Because of this, many are quite hesitant to use jewelry that contains lead because they believe that the lead content can potentially make them sick.

Jewelry Safety

Most crystal manufacturers like Swarovski make their beads such that the lead content is confined within a glass portion and that they are safe for wearing. However, manufacturers still give out special precautions for little kids because they can accidentally ingest the beads.

Crystal Baubles and Jewelry

You can have crystals in any form and shape of jewelry that you like. Quartz is some of the most popular, and they come in a multitude of colors and shapes. If you’re anxious about wearing crystal baubles, remember that manufacturers have ways to keep their beads safe. However, caution must be taken to prevent ingesting the crystal pieces.

Crystal Healing

Many people use different types of crystals for their healing and meditation. One of the features of some crystals is that they can naturally produce electrical charges that are believed to relieve people of various symptoms. Also, they have metaphysical properties that allow them to hold certain types of energies. There is a specific type of crystal to heal every ailment, which is why it is an excellent idea to present crystal gifts to people you know.

Other Uses Aside from Jewelry

Artisans carve and shape crystals to create goblets, carafes, fruit bowls, and other luxurious glass home accessories that never go out of style. High-quality crystal decors are functional, elegant, and are a source of pride for many collectors.
These are some amazing facts that you should know if you plan to invest in good quality crystal jewelry and accessories.