Waterford Crystal Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, and some people have already started shopping. Need gift ideas for that special someone on your list? How about a Waterford signature crystal ornament or vase? Keep reading to learn more from the experts at Crystal Classics.

The Irish Crystal Tradition

Waterford has been a staple in Irish and Irish-American households. The company was established in the late 1700’s and they were known around the world as a leader in flint glass production. The tradition of giving crystal bowls to newlyweds is an Irish tradition that emerged around the same time period. According to lore, a bowl symbolized wealth, health, and happiness. So, as long as it never breaks, the household will be blessed with the laughter and children and coins in their pockets. Crystal is not only a popular gift for newlyweds but also an anniversary gift. According to traditional anniversary gift guides, crystal is used to celebrate the 15th wedding anniversary.

Crystal at Christmas

The most popular time of the year to showcase one’s crystal collection is during the winter holidays. For this same reason, crystal also makes a perfect Christmas present. Whether it’s for a newlywed couple or a new homeowner, crystal wine glasses and a matching carafe are a great way to ring in the season. Unlike traditional glassware, crystal is said to actually improve the taste and feel of fine wines and spirits, making it the perfect gift for a college or boss who likes to partake. For those who love to decorate, a crystal ornament will outshine every other ornament on their tree because of the unique and beautiful way crystal catches the light.
Popular ornament designs are crystal snowflakes, crosses, shamrocks, and baby rattles to commemorate a recent birth. These unique gifts will continue to hang on the tree for generations to come.

No Substitutes

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas ornaments, wine glasses, or office paperweight, accept no substitutes. Despite a tumultuous history, the Waterford name remains the most sought-after brand in the crystal industry. The Waterford style of craftsmanship has been an inspiration to glass and tableware designers around the world. Make sure your crystal vendor is a certified Waterford dealer and have the peace of mind that comes with buying and gifting a vastly superior piece of crystal art.

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