How to Choose the Right Martini Glasses

No elegant occasion is complete without the proper glassware. If you are serving cabernet, your guests expect the proper cabernet glasses, and the same goes for martinis and other flavorful cocktails. The martini glass has been a staple in cocktail parties for many years, and it is easy to see why. Its elegant shape, refinement, and positive effects on the flavorful contents inside are just some of the reasons why you should stock your bar with good martini glasses. The right martini glasses should have the following qualities.

Great Materials

Good martini glasses are not built to handle drops, spills, or heat. Invest in plastic if you want zero-maintenance glasses. However, high-end materials like Waterford crystal are meant to be cold-resistant and look timelessly beautiful. Elegance and style may lose some durability, but good beer glasses, martini glasses, and other fine pieces should be handled with care, anyway. Take care to invest in glasses that are beautifully reflective with elegant, carved patterning.

Classic Shape

The martini glass might seem at first like a spill-prone glass. Again, plastic cups are your friend if you want low-maintenance glassware. However, every fine cocktail party among friends, family, or colleagues should serve martinis and other delicious cocktails in classic martini glasses, which should have a conic shape with a moderately sharp upward angle and wide sipping rim. This design allows the drinker to sip slowly while enjoying the full aroma of the beverage inside. You can even serve inventive or personalized cocktails in martini glasses for same flavorful benefits. The only passable substitute is the coupe glass, which has a curved bowl but the same wide rim.

Unique Touches

Shop for martini glasses online to get the latest designs from top specialists and well-respected names in the field of elegant glassware. Imbibe with style when you serve drinks in the best martini glasses that combine classic style with modern touches. After all, class shouldn’t be boring. Find crystal martini glasses with elegant patterning or coupe glasses that are martini-friendly and you will impress your guests every time.

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