Give Your Loved One the Perfect Crystal Gift

When your third anniversary is coming up, it is becoming traditional to give your spouse a gift made from glass or crystal. Such gifts might sound a bit intimidating , especially since everyone has their own personal tastes and interests. You do not have to feel limited to just statuary or vase items for crystal and glass gifts. Here are a few possibilities that would make great crystal gifts for your special somebody.

Crystal stemware


Prisms are a great way to add a touch of magic to your anniversary. They not only make great pendants for a necklace but they make great hanging charms for your windows. This is because of their ability to create spectroscopy, when sunlight hits the crystals and produces a small cluster of small rainbows along a nearby surface.


Glass and crystal candleholders add a little elegance to your household. They also have a nice way of making a private evening or dinner more romantic. Just be sure you take the time and effort to find an ideal candle to go with your holder. Sandalwood and jasmine scents are known for promoting romantic activity.


When you think about a glass or crystal gift, a glass or crystal vase was probably the first thing that came to mind. Vases are very pretty and add a sense of natural elegance to any home decor. Add your spouse’s favorite flowers for additional beauty, especially if you use red roses.

Wine Glasses

Some wine glasses come in sets, which include a few drinking glasses, a choice of wine, and even a small selection of cheeses and bread. Wine sets make the perfect opportunity for a small date or romantic evening together. You could even add a green or white tablecloth for a wine picnic.


Mirror are no longer limited to just circles, ovals, and rectangles. Mirrors come in various shapes and designs that make them special to you and your spouse. They can range in size from small compact and carry-on mirrors to large wall and vanity mirrors. If you are good at writing, you can add a note relating the mirror to your love for them.

Beer Growler

If you have a spouse that prefers to drink beer over wine, a beer growler is good choice for a gift. Beer growlers are also beneficial to your spouse if they craft beers as well. Glass containers protect brews from exposure to ultraviolet rays, which tarnishes the taste and smell of the brew. Express your love by protecting their craft.

Candy Jar

A candy jar is always a fun choice for a glass or crystal present. You can also fill them up with your spouse’s favorite treats. Candy jars can also be customized with your wedding date and even have your names engraved on them.

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